[Large Format Photography]: In the darkroom

Sunday afternoon. Outside it’s raining, a typical spring thunderstorm, so it’s a perfect moment for a darkroom session. This time I’ve selected two negatives (4×5″) to print. Basins was filled, red lamps was on, so using my Durst 308 with a cls301 color head mounted on and a 180 f5.6 Rodenstock lens, I’ve begun to fun.

The negative of the fern, was quite simple to print. Just proof strips and work print. Then 2 sheets of 8×10″ glossy Ilford MG to achieve the final print. Grade 2.5 was used for printing. In the picture is shown the work print. Now it’s drying and waiting for toning in selenium soup.

The other negative, a little waterfall in a volcanic cave, was a complex one instead. The subject has a high range values of exposition. So I’ve focused on the waterfall to achieve the right representation (what I’ve had in mind), with a grade 3 of contrast, and then I’ve dropped all the other zones by 1 stop further, dodging the water. In the picture the first work print. Like the fern one, the prints are actually drying and wait for the selenium toning.

It was undoubtedly a successful session of print, but, yet, I’m not full satisfied by the last print. Well, the negative is still ready, on the film holder in the enlarger. So, maybe, one of these evenings, after work, I’m going to print it again.

It’s not important how many sheets and hours you’ve spent for the print, but the result has to be at the most.