[Art]: Fringe


Venice, 2017


[project ] : 陈式太极拳

Those are just 2 photos to explore my idea of Tai chi chuan.

With the collaboration of my instructor, I’m trying to convey in photography the spirit of this martial art. On of the aspect of this internal style is the use of the spiral movements. Silk reeling.

Simply put, its about learning how to move your body in a coordinated and efficient way in-accordance to the principles of Chen Tai Chi Chuan.

The body has to move as one unit, with the torso and limbs twisting, twining, spiralling and rotating. The hips control the legs, the chest controls the arms, and the centre (“dantien” in Chinese) controls the hips and chest. The dantien is quite simply the centre of the body, and consists of the abdominal muscles attaching to the hips and lower spine.

[from: https://medium.com/tai-chi-school/a-beginners-guide-to-silk-reeling-3e4e42ddbadf%5D

The end goal is for all movement to originate from your dantien. However, this is something that will take time to achieve with consistent practice and layered guidance from a teacher who really knows what they are doing!

All the photos that you can view about this martial art (and even for the others!) are static poses. Maybe to gain the interest of the viewer showing those “exotic” poses.

My approach is completely different. Photography, for me, is a tool to communicate and explore aspects of life. And Tai chi chuan is not a series of static forms or positionss. One is always in movement, shifting continously between the ying and the yang forces.

Stay tuned for further works.

Intrepid 4×5″, fp4, Id11, film scan + Lr

[Prendersi cura di]: una breve storia di 15 anni (2001-2017)

C’erano tre grandi abeti rossi
dietro casa nostra.

Sembrava di essere in montagna
quando lo sguardo si soffermava fuori
dalla finestra della cucina.

Poi improvvisamente, tutto cambiò.

Molta luce si riversava ora nella stanza.

Non per molto ancora.





[B&W Photography]: Playing with light & paper

Today I  want to play with two bags of paper and a single flash. All photos are taken handheld with a digital camera and converted in b&w by Lightroom.

The idea behind this session is to create a start point from which proceed to play with paper stuff. Ain’t got no macro lens so I’ve to crop the single image to visualize the final result.

Next step is to soften the images with the aid of vaseline on filter. A lot of patterns are possible. My vision ( actually is just in an embrional state) is to take the photo already completed by a formal point of view  and  processed as required during the printing stage.

Eventually the photos are taken by film camera and printed in darkroom.


That’s all for today. A lot of fun! 🙂