[Venice]: Classic postcards, 2018








These are all scans from 4×5″ film (Fomapan, FP4+, Delta 100). These negatives are ready to print on silver gelatin paper, as it has to be, in my darkroom.

I love wandering in this city following only my karma. Something always happens. I’m not a picture hunter, not anymore, really. Thanks to the large format camera, time is flowing in a natural way and I am able to synchronize with it in a natural way. I capture the spirit of the moment and then wait for an uncountable time to watch at the photos. And finally I love to print them when emotions are passed away. I have to make some distance in time from the moment I took the photos until I’m able to print them.



[Prendersi cura di]: una breve storia di 15 anni (2001-2017)

C’erano tre grandi abeti rossi
dietro casa nostra.

Sembrava di essere in montagna
quando lo sguardo si soffermava fuori
dalla finestra della cucina.

Poi improvvisamente, tutto cambiò.

Molta luce si riversava ora nella stanza.

Non per molto ancora.





[Architecture]: Cancer(2016)

Cancro (2016)
Cancer (2016)

Cool, doesn’t it?

This is a good example to illustrate how architecture sometimes is used to camouflage the real scope of an industrial complex. In this case the complex is an incinerator, close to the city of Padua. Despite the knowledge that winds always blow toward the downtown, recently the complex has grown tripling. The stupid thing about this fact is that to garantee a ROI (return on investment) the furnaces has to burn a minimum quantity of  non-recyclable litter that is more than the local picked up. So in this centre the litter arrive even from other regions (administrative areas).