[Landscape]:Pale di San Martino


Pale di San Martino, Dolomiti, from Calaita, 2018


[Film photography]: White










All photos are scans from 4×5″ film format (FP4 & Delta 100). Camera Intrepid 4×5, lens Fujinon 180mm f5.6

January 2018

[Landscape on film]: Brentone’s waterfall (2015)

cascata Brentone (TN)
cascata Brentone (TN)


Mamiya rz67 + 110 mm / yellow filter / Fuji Acros 100 / ID-11 1+1 / Epson V600 + Vuescan + ColorPerfect


Another photo to print in darkroom (30×40 cm) on Glossy Baryta



[Landscape]: Dolomites in winter

Dolomites (2017)
Dolomites (2017)

This photo is part of a new series “Dolomites in winter”.

This negative has already been rewashed. Note the stain over the rock in foreground. Now the frame is ready to be printed.

Kodak Tmax400 35mm + ID11 1+1 / Scanned by Vuescan + ColorPerfect + Epson V600.

No curves or filters were applied.