[Landscape Photography]: Three different shots







D700 / GND filter / Polarizer/ Big Stopper


[Landscape Photography]: Along the Brenta river

This is the result of two trips with digital camera that I took last days, along the Brenta river, a beautiful place very close to may home. Actually I have to take another one because I haven’t been able to accomplish my goal yet: make a very long exposition with big stopper + polarizer + gnd in a reliable photographic process. In fact at every photo shoot there was something that went wrong! At second shoot I was too late in time (was around the 7 p.m) to made the right long exposition (20′ al least) before that start to rain; at the first one, I dressed in a wrong way: shorts & light shoes (it was 32°C at 6p.m.!!) in a wild environment. Haven’t got a lenshade for the stack of filters, so most of the pictures contains light beams as horizontal or vertical bands . Nonetheless it’s was fun enough to try another shoot next days.









and this is a big old farm .. close my home

the old farm


[Film Photography]: Rocks & Waterfall

Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)


Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)


Technical notes:

Scan epson v600 from film , no correction at all (raw into b&w by ColorPerfet)

Mamiya RZ67 50mm & 110mm, Ilford Delta 100, Ilford ID11 1+1, 16′ at 21°C (+2G)


[Film Photography]: Green economy

Green economy (Abruzzo, 2016)
Green economy (2016)

Ilford Classic FB Glossy 24×30, Rollei infrared 400 35mm, Nikon Fe


[Rural Landscape]: Sea of plastic

Rural house (2017)
Rural house (2017)

When I saw this rural house along the river Adige I stopped the car and observed the scene. Something strange was there, in front of me, but I didn’t recognize immediately. Then realized that the entire field was covered by plastic sheets. Like a sea of plastic with waves and rocks emerging from it. Fantastic!

[Film Photography]: Delta of Po river

Torre Abate - Mesola (FE)
Torre Abate – Mesola (FE)


Antico campanile di Rivà (FE)
Antico campanile di Rivà (FE)


It covers a very important part of the territory of Regione Emilia-Romagna: in the north from the Po di Goro, it develops including the whole historical delta of the river Po and the mouths of some Apennine rivers like river Reno, river Lamone, Fiumi Uniti, Bevano, and brackish wetlands situated along the Adriatic coast and the near hinterland like Sacca di Goro, Commacchio Valleys, the “Piallasse” of Ravenna, the Salines of Cervia, the inner wetlands of Campotto Valleys, woodlands and pinewoods like Bosco della Mesola and San Vitale pinewood. It is also rich in many important monuments: the Abbey of Pomposa, St. Apollinare in Classe, the “chiaviche” (monumental water locks), and the historical town centers of Mesola, Comacchio, Ravenna, and Cervia.

(cit. http://www.parks.it/parco.delta.po.er/Eindex.php)

Ilford FP4+ / ID11  1+1 / Scanned by Epson v600 + ColorPerfect RAW

These are raw files from film negative.

Pretty soon these photo will be printed on 30×40 cm  Ilford FB Classic