[On Tripod]: Go around the horse





Adria, 2017


[ARte]: Artworks in the nature

Last August I went near Borgo  Valsugana (Trento),  for a whole day to discover a magic place. At the end of Valle Sella, a mountain valley, is in fact possible to walk in the nature and at the same time enjoy artworks from international artists spread along the path in the wood.

Info: http://www.artesella.it/en/aboutus.html

From 1996 Arte Sella developed along a forest path on the Southern side of Mount Armentera, the Artenatura path winds its way through the forest and the entrance is free.

In 1998 another path was added The Malga Costa which in the past was a farm, the barn which was the stable for the farm animals is today the Concert Hall. The farmhouse is a meeting place and a place for the artists to share their views. 2001 was an important year for Arte Sella, the Tree Cathedral of Giuliano Mauri was created, it has been a symbol of Arte Sella ever since. This imposing architecture is almost complete thanks to the patient intervention of Nature. Since then Arte Sella has become established, promoting collaborations between the “ Maestri “ of Art in Nature to name but a few, Nils Udo, Chris Drury, Patrick Dougherty, Michelangelo Pistoletto.


artworks #1
artwork #1
artwork #2
artwork #3
artwork #4
artwork #5

Tech notes: Fuji Acros 100 @64 / Ilford ID11 1+1 / Mamiya rz67 / Sekor 50 & 110

[Digital sketch]: Acorns


This is a digital photo that I have cropped in 4×5″ format and then merged by multiple layers of itself until has reached the  right density. It’s only a sketch to imagine an analogue process in darkroom. Ten minutes by PS are ten hours (more or less) in a darkroom. However results are quite different between them.

In PS (which well use color profiles) shadows are more visibles.

[Dance photography]: Only one photo


“Cantico dei cantici” / Verona, teatro Camploy / Compagnia Virgilio Sieni – 2017


There was a very low, low, low light. A classic compromise between shutter time, iso, noise. All at f2.8 (the max aperture permitted by Nikkor 200 AFD)

This time it was not a good set fot photography. But the dance was great!



[Photographers]: Kosuke Ryujin

Kosuke Ryujin (b.1981) is a Japanese photographer, based in Tokyo.

Having studied photojournalism at California State University, Fullerton.

His website: http://www.kryujin.com

2017-09-01 09_45_27-Kosuke Ryujin Photography
from “the Laos secret war” — copyright Kosuke Ryujin

Take a look at his project:

Kosuke Ryujin Photography


Credits:  Edge of Humanity Magazine