[B&W Photography]: Playing with light & paper

Today I  want to play with two bags of paper and a single flash. All photos are taken handheld with a digital camera and converted in b&w by Lightroom.

The idea behind this session is to create a start point from which proceed to play with paper stuff. Ain’t got no macro lens so I’ve to crop the single image to visualize the final result.

Next step is to soften the images with the aid of vaseline on filter. A lot of patterns are possible. My vision ( actually is just in an embrional state) is to take the photo already completed by a formal point of view  and  processed as required during the printing stage.

Eventually the photos are taken by film camera and printed in darkroom.


That’s all for today. A lot of fun! 🙂







[Film Photography]: Multiple Planes with ripped paper

Piani multipli / Multiple Planes with ripped paper (2017)


Silver gelatine print 24×30 cm on Ilford FB Classic Glossy, film Ilford Delta 100, Mamiya RZ67

[Notes for a project]: Portrait of a young woman (2017)

Portrait of a young woman
Portrait of a young woman #1
Portrait of a young woman
Portrait of a young woman #2

The project essentialy analyze how we able to view worldwide classic beauty with the aim of electricity.


All this pictures are for a study purpose taken in digital. The definitive ones will be taken using medium format film camera and printed on 30×40 silver gelatin paper.