[Landscape Photography]: Three different shots







D700 / GND filter / Polarizer/ Big Stopper


[Landscape Photography]: Along the Brenta river

This is the result of two trips with digital camera that I took last days, along the Brenta river, a beautiful place very close to may home. Actually I have to take another one because I haven’t been able to accomplish my goal yet: make a very long exposition with big stopper + polarizer + gnd in a reliable photographic process. In fact at every photo shoot there was something that went wrong! At second shoot I was too late in time (was around the 7 p.m) to made the right long exposition (20′ al least) before that start to rain; at the first one, I dressed in a wrong way: shorts & light shoes (it was 32°C at 6p.m.!!) in a wild environment. Haven’t got a lenshade for the stack of filters, so most of the pictures contains light beams as horizontal or vertical bands . Nonetheless it’s was fun enough to try another shoot next days.









and this is a big old farm .. close my home

the old farm


[Landscape on film]: Brentone’s waterfall (2015)

cascata Brentone (TN)
cascata Brentone (TN)


Mamiya rz67 + 110 mm / yellow filter / Fuji Acros 100 / ID-11 1+1 / Epson V600 + Vuescan + ColorPerfect


Another photo to print in darkroom (30×40 cm) on Glossy Baryta



[Film Photography]: Rocks & Waterfall

Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)
Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)


Cascatella Schivanoia (Colli Euganei)


Technical notes:

Scan epson v600 from film , no correction at all (raw into b&w by ColorPerfet)

Mamiya RZ67 50mm & 110mm, Ilford Delta 100, Ilford ID11 1+1, 16′ at 21°C (+2G)


[Film Photography]: Green economy

Green economy (Abruzzo, 2016)
Green economy (2016)

Ilford Classic FB Glossy 24×30, Rollei infrared 400 35mm, Nikon Fe