[Music] : Giorgio Ciccarelli – Bandiere (2018)

Giorgio Ciccarelli è in tour per presentare il suo nuovo album ‘Bandiere’.

Ieri sera a Vicenza.

Questo tour lo vede in una formazione a due, assieme a Gaetano Maiorano.

Intensa performance come al solito.


[Colors]: A Life In Colour





A Life In Colour

The pink of your cheeks
when the cold wind bites.
The intricacy of your iris
against the blank of the white.
The blue of a mood
that is saddened and dull.
The golden jubilation
of a cup half full.
The rainbow of joy.
The darkness of sorrow.
The green eye of the monster
who consumes your
todays and tomorrows.
The silver of wisdom;
The green shoots that thrive.
Embrace every colour
For they prove we’re alive.

A Life In Colour is a poem written by Ms Moem.



All pictures are shoot in my garden 🙂