[T-shirt]: Mary Halvorson

I’m doing a full-color T (Photo by Carlo Dainese!) to help with production costs for upcoming Mary Halvorson gigs here in Erie, PA…
THUMBSCREW June 20th (+Michael Formanek+Tomas Fujiwara)
Tom Rainey TRIO September 6th (+Ingrid Laubrock)
How It Works ::: I pay upfront for the T’s—that’s (this part of) my production input. I don’t get any of that back. I take 100% of the monies made from the sales and put it into the band account. It’s my way of taking a few hundred dollars and turning it into a few hundred more than that. With your help of course. $35.00 gets you a T + free admission to either concert. I’d like to continue to bring Mary Halvorson in a few times a year with various ensembles, and I’m asking for a little help from you to do so. Thanks for considering! xoxoxoRL
(And check out my vast Halvorson research Doc :::http://www.bb10k.com/MH.disc.html)

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