[+18 R]: Robert Mapplethorpe & Jack Walls

I guess this photo is one of the most significative of the 80′.

Robert Mapplethorpe made another jewel where classicism & contemporary are melting togheter.

Jack Walls
Jack Walls

Who is : http://jackwalls.com/about/

Walls has absorbed all that he has observed over his lifetime, he retains the lessons learned from his influences. “I studied the way Robert (Mapplethorpe) drew, a lot of people don’t know that Robert drew and sketched a lot, a whole lot. I use to watch him draw, my style was different back then, I was in my early twenties, I was still learning.” Walls continues, “Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Sam Wagstaff, continue to be strong spiritual sources of inspiration to me.

It’s incredible how since now this picture is considered aborderline between art and pornography.



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