[Color film]: Corsica landscape

Corsica (1994)

Sometimes it happen.

Playing  with colours on a Kodachrome taken in 1994 with a Yashica fx3 and a 50mm.I love it!

I’m going to print on digital this photo and mounting with a white frame.

I’m thinking of start a new body of work, with 6×7 film color (kodak portra 160) developed in c41 and then scanned in positive mode. It’s challenging, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “[Color film]: Corsica landscape

  1. It’s a bit like what I sometimes do in infrared. Assuming you use Photoshop, a few suggestions to take it further:
    – Create a new layer with a copy of the image, invert it to “normal” and apply a mask to incorporate positive elements in the normal image.
    – Use Hue Saturation to selectively change particular colours.

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