[Sci-Fi Photography]: The Portal

Limite invalicabile (2016)
Limite invalicabile (2016)

This is a special place where there is a portal for time travelling. The characteristics of this portal is that it link reality with art. Just in front of you there was the access to a secret military zone, but actually is closed.

Only one of the two doors is real. And you have only one possibility to try.

Now we should continue, time is ending. On the right you can follow a path to the medioeval bridge.

On the left instead  an ascetic portal protected by a thick glass  permits you to reach the Saints.

The trash bin is the mailbox where messages are left. Inside you can exchange messages between the two worlds.

Others objects lying in this place with different meanings. But those are just for your protection.

So, if you pass close here, don’t miss the opportunity to take a deep look at this portal, and, why not, to try the trip! All this it’s not about science but art.


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