[Music production]: JAM IN THE VAN (Venice /CA)

Adesso che inizia il caldo, un pò di aria nuova è necessaria.

Un pool di artisti notevole. Da noi tutti sconosciuti.

Come il nome suggerisce.. si suona in uno studio ricavato dentro un furgone!

In continuo movimento.

Jam in the Van is a mobile showcase capturing a unique live music experience.

Jam in the Van was created by a group of music fans in Venice, CA, who outfitted an RV with a full HD audio/video production suite.

The Jam Van travels to music festivals and venues throughout the country, giving emerging and established musical acts a platform to release special performances.

Jam in the Van has made a name for themselves as “taste makers”, introducing music fans to great new talent.

Currently, Jam in the Van puts on shows in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Bonnaroo and South by Southwest (SXSW).

All Jam in the Van performances can be seen on their official YouTube channel. 

Visit http://www.youtube.com/JamintheVan.


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