[Colors & Sport]: kite & windsurf

Annunciano bora per questo weekend e subito mi arriva un sms da un winsurfista: “3 dì di pacchia. Se puoi raggiungici.”

Sottomarina beach – sabato pomeriggio, temporale appena passato e già si pensa al sole.

tavole pronte

mi rabbocco i shorts e vado in acqua al ginocchio. Acqua calda ma vento freddo… e speriamo per la mia fotocamera col tele.. sia mai che mi arrivi una vela troppo vicino o degli spruzzi.

me gusta mucho…
Il padre di questo ragazzo lo osserva orgoglioso..
kitesurfin’ show

chi è stufo incomincia ad avviarsi tra la sabbia tesa che soffia dal mare.

Non sono un fotografo sportivo, ma spero di avervi passato l’atmosfera che si poteva respirare lì in spiaggia, quando grazia alla bora gli spiaggiari se ne sono stati a casa!


2 thoughts on “[Colors & Sport]: kite & windsurf

  1. Great pictures 🙂 you lucky one … Feets in the (warm) water, great show in front of the camera :-))) … My favorite one is the 10th of the serie, the kitesurfer with head down and
    fischer houses in the background … You’ve done the shoots with your 80-200 ? … I don’t
    have found one yet … I haven’t the money, but as soon as possible I’ll get one, colors are
    real great !!!!!! Hope to read soon of your news 🙂 !!
    C’u, Stpehan

  2. Hi Stephan, I’ve used the two-ring with 1.4x kenko dg pro on d700. It’s a good choice but absolutely not the best. In fact the focus response is slowed by the duplicator and the resultant sharpness is compromised. I can notice that when zooming in the picture. The 80-200 alone is fantastic for the quality but isn’t a sport-lens. Another fault that i’ve made it’s about the focus “52 point 3d-tracking” mode.. Next time i’ll use the 9 point one. It’s more friendly for me with fast subjects. When you are in water with the camera and with the sand blowed by the high wind, it’s difficult to control the pictures in real time and to amend the settings. Anyway it was a fun session!

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